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November and Thanksgiving in Overland Park, Kansas; December and Christmas in Redlands, California. We arrived in California on December 4. We had planned to spend December in Tombstone, AZ, but apparently God had other plans for us. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Matt's family and we had our own little early Christmas in November. (See picture below.) 
We came back to Redlands so that Glen could consult with his local doctor regarding his prostate cancer. We met with the doctor on Monday. The doctor was very helpful and encouraging. A CT scan has been scheduled for December 13 and a bone scan is scheduled for December 15. We will see the doctor again on December 22. Please pray that we and the doctor will agree on the form of treatment to be chosen.
Our first night here we attended the Christmas tree lighting at Kimberly Crest, the mansion where Glen and I have been docents. Monday evening we attended the concert of the Feast of Lights, It is definitely Christmas time here in California. Tonight we drove around town to capture Christmas pictures for you.  We are sending you a picture of the creche at our church and also a picture of the front of our motor home.Please note that it is still Christmas here without the cold weather and the snow. I must admit my first Christmas in California in 1966 was very strange. Christmas lights on Palm trees just didn't seem right, but over the years, we have adjusted to the weather differences. Our lowest temperature for this year was in Kansas where it was 17 degrees. Glen just heard the weather report for tonight. It is to be 14 degrees in Kansas and it is to be in the high 60's here. Today we went shopping and we didn’t even need a jacket. I must admit that while we love to be with our New Jersey friends and our Kansas family, we are truly enjoying this weather. Now we are remembering why we loved California.
I am not one to boycott or picket, but I must say I think it is time for the silent majority to speak up. We are so aware of the trend this year to be greeted with “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” When a clerk greets me with “Happy Holidays”, I am very quick to say, “And Merry Christmas to you!” It is important to remember:
While we are all busily preparing for the traditional parts of Christmas, may I remind you that there are many who are dreading this Christmas season because a loved one will be missing from the celebration. I am writing this letter in memory of Savannah Kelsey, Phil Henderson, and Melinda Hadley. Savannah was only six when she died in November. Phil was a high school classmate of mine. Melinda was only 18 when she died as a result of the tornado in Newburgh, Indiana. Please remember these families, and I urge you to ask God to show you others who will need your special hugs and encouragement this Christmas. With this in mind,
In Him,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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