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    We arrived in Redlands on November 9. Somehow because we were technically “home,” I guess we expected everything to run smoothly. However, we quickly found ourselves overwhelmed by what I call “the scrambled up” stuff of life. Silly things occurred such as a check got lost in the mail, a Visa card was slow in arriving, a prescription renewal seemed to take forever due to human ineptness, a friend who promised to call, didn’t, a repairman failed to return our calls. We really got bogged down by this stuff, and then our perspective began to change..
    Five of our friends are fighting cancer, friends are overwhelmed by the problems of their married children, other friends are facing Christmas without loved ones. Some friends are facing unemployment and others are dealing with very poor health. Then we watched on television over Thanksgiving weekend as 52 families in Malibu lost their homes to fire. While we have not experienced such a loss, we do remember the Panorama Fire of 1980 which came within seven houses of our home. As I watched the fire consume irreplaceable memories, I remembered the fears and the feelings of helplessness and devastation I experienced at that time. This week it has rained for a couple of days and now those families are facing the threat of mud slides. Please keep these families in prayer for safety and peace.
    Glen is very busy appearing in It’s A Wonderful Life which opened December 1. I have managed to keep busy while he is gone to rehearsals and performances by working on a quilt. The quilt is nearly finished and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. One of our earliest visits in Redlands was to Nate’s Place which is as beautiful as ever and the roses were blooming to welcome us, in November, no less..
    We also had the privilege of attending the 92nd birthday party for our dear friend Tom Tate. The best part for me wass I got to visit his twin great grandchildren, Tate and Isabella. Their Grandma Carol was my dearest high school friend. Since Carol is now in heaven, the babies are even more dear to me. This was my first time to get to meet the twins who are now 7 months old. What fun for us!
    The World-wide candle lighting sponsored by The Compassionate Friends will be held on December 9. Reach out to your grieving friends and pause with them to remember those who have died this year by lighting a candle at 7:00 pm in your time zone  in their memory. Remember those who are hurting this holiday season.
    Needless-to-say many of our problems have become unscrambled and I have gained a new focus. Most of the things that had me all in a snit were temporary issues. God sent His son to unscramble my everyday life as well as provide me with a clearer vision of the realities of life.
 “I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10b).
    We have been blessed by the friends we have here in Redlands as well as around the world. It has been great to visit with many of them in their homes. We are parked at Mission RV in Redlands and appreciate the location.
 Our health seems to be good. My primary care doctor in Indianapolis has been very attentive and we are still pursuing the cause of some health issues, but most things have been resolved. A recent MRI did disclose that I have a herniated disk that is causing some numbness and discomfort. I would appreciate prayer for direction as to what I should do about this.
 We will see our daughter and her family during Christmas week, and hopefully they will be able to attend one of Glen’s play performances.
 We have enjoyed being back at church and are trying to inhale the wonderful music and preaching. As I look out the front window of the rig I can see the beautiful snow capped mountains that I have always enjoyed.
 We recently attended an Andre’ Rieu concert with people from our church. How refreshing to attend a concert where the performers are not encumbered by the American concerns of always being politically correct. Andre’ led the audience in singing Silent Night and Amazing Grace. His ensemble performed The Holy City to a very attentive audience of several thousand. 
 We have a tradition at our church to begin the Christmas season with a ladies’ brunch called the Christmas Rose Brunch. I have enjoyed participating in traditional events that seem unchanging in an ever-changing world. The Christmas Rose Brunch is a beautiful event where the ladies’ all look lovely and benevolence abounds. Friends and familiar things are always special and much appreciated.
I found a reading that someone sent me, probably 15 years ago. I would like to share it with you.
Celebrate the season
 when FAITH means more to you than FINANCES
 when PRAYER means more to you than POWER
 when COMMITMENT means more to you than COMMITTEES
 when JOY means more to you than JOB
 when SAVIOR means more to you than SAVINGS
 when PRAISE means more to you than POSSESSIONS
 when LOVING means more to you than LIVING
 when WORSHIP means more to you than WORK
 when GLORY means more to you than GOLD
 when PEACE means more to you than PLEASURE
 when TITHING means more to you than TITLES
 when CHANGE means more to you than COMFORT
 when MESSIAH means more to you than MONEY
 when SERVING means more to you than STATUS
 when RELATIONSHIP means more to you than RELIGION
 when SURRENDER means more to you than SUCCESS
 when PRESENCE means more to you than PRESENTS
 and CHRIST means more to you than CHRISTMAS
Celebrate the season
      By Dorothy Segovia
Much love,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Red Rose at Nate's Place


Twins, Tate and Isabella


Andre' Rieu on the big screen and his orchestra


My friend Kitty, President of the Ladies' Fellowship, with the beautiful decorations for the Christmas Rose Brunch. 



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