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The Heavilin Herald
How can it be February already? It seems like we just got through Christmas, doesn’t it?
January has been a busy month for us. We left Tombstone on January 10. We made a brief stop in Redlands and then came to Morro Bay.
All I can say is William Randolph Hearst certainly knew how to choose a location for his castle. This area is without a doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. (See attached photo.)
We were welcomed back to the little Presbyterian church we attended last year in San Luis Obispo. Today we drove along Highway One to get this picture of the ocean. (See attached photo.)
We visited our friends Roy and Meredith Harris at their vacation home in Cambria. We met the Harris’s on our cruise to Alaska last fall. The four of us spent the afternoon watching the elephant seals who migrate to the beach near San Simeon each winter. The seals think this is a great area, too! (See attached photo.)
Last week Glen visited a new chiropractor because his shoulder was bothering him again. Then a tooth started bothering him, so we found a new dentist as well. On Saturday the dentist extracted a cracked tooth. Because it was uncertain how much work they would have to do, Glen was given general anesthetic. Those of you who know Glen know he does not need anesthesia to act silly. So why wasn’t I surprised when I walked into the recovery room and Glen was singing “If I had the wings of an angel, over these prison walls I would fly,” and entertaining the staff! The staff was delighted, but unfortunately, Glen doesn’t remember a thing!
We are continuing to enjoy our beautiful new rig, and it feels more like home every day. Since the weather has been warm and sunny, I have been able to start another dollhouse. This one is a little more complicated and isn’t going together quite as easily as the last one, but it will be great when it is done. I love working on it outside and it does offer many opportunities to get to know our neighbors.
We still plan to spend part of March and April in Redlands. Then we hope to drive to the northwest to visit Harvest House Publishers in Eugene, Oregon and my cousins in Portland. We will be in Kansas for our granddaughter Kate’s high school graduation on May 20. My nephew JD will graduate from high school in Indianapolis in June. Perhaps we can make that graduation as well before we head toward America’s Keswick in Whiting, New Jersey. We just don’t have all of that worked out yet.
Each evening we see men and women heading toward the beach to get a good sunset picture. Here is ours for this week. (See attached photo.)
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

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