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June 2010

We left Kansas on June 5 and have really had lots of variety and visiting since then. We arrived in Shipshewana on June 8. We were able to visit Marilyn’s cousins Al and Sharon who have their RV parked in Niles, Michigan. We also attended a Sandi Patty concert at the Blue Gate Theater. It was a small theater and the concert was very intimate. Marilyn got to chat with Sandi for a few minutes which was very special for her.

Sandi Patty and Marilyn

We then went to Indianapolis for a brief visit with Marilyn’s brother Walt and his wife Karen and also our dear friends Jack and Carol in Bloomington. We then traveled on to Lancaster, PA where we visited our special friends Brian and Donna, formerly from Keswick.

Brian and Donna

We also spent the day with our friends, Jack and Dottie who recently retired from Keswick and moved to Lancaster. We were able to enjoy our favorite RV park with such an interesting view.

We also visited Newsong Fellowship Church with our friend Pastor Jamie Mitchell. Marilyn has written an attached article telling of the Reconciliation service that we were privileged to attend. Unfortunately this type of service is very rare and our first time to witness such a service in our experience of more than 70 years of church attendance.

Glen and Pastor Jamie

We drove to Downingtown, PA to have lunch with Katie, a young woman Marilyn met on Prodigy 14 years ago. We got to visit with Katie and her three precious daughters. We had not met little Shannon before. She is almost one year old. Don’t you just love that gorgeous curly hair?

One year old Shannon

We arrived at Keswick on June 28. Marilyn has been occupied with preparing messages for her presentation at Families For Christ on July 9-11. FFC is a weekend conference for graduates of the Colony of Mercy and their spouses. Marilyn will also be doing two workshops each week at the summer conferences.

If you attend a church where Power for Living is distributed in the Sunday school, please note the August 22 issue which features our story. If you have a chance to collect copies of the issue, we would appreciate it. We also wanted to let everyone know that Roses In December is now available on the electronic reader. The Kindle version can be ordered through Amazon.com

Last month we asked that you pray for Marilyn’s sister-in-law Karen and her cousin Al. We would ask that you continue to pray for Karen and Al that God will provide complete healing for both of them.

We have the repairs on the car scheduled for July 12 and are in the process of getting approval for the PT/INR monitor for the Coumadin checks for Marilyn. It would be so nice not to have to hunt up a lab wherever we are and not to have to have blood draws once a month. It seems that with the car and the medical needs, we are sort of in the ‘red tape’ season.

Thanks for your prayers on our behalf.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Sunset in Bloomington, Indiana


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