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JUNE, 2005
We visited nine new states on our way to Kansas this year. Glen and I have been in all fifty states, but now the map on the door of our RV only lacks three of the continental United States, and then our map will be complete.
We loved attending our granddaughter Kate’s high school graduation in Overland Park, KS. Kate has been home schooled K through 12, but her graduation was included in a home school association of 52 students. We estimated there were about 2000 guests at the graduation. Since each child basically graduated from their own personal high school, their parents had the privilege of presenting a diploma to their own child. Kate will be attending Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State in a program that gives students the opportunity to attend both colleges simultaneously.
On our way to Indiana we visited the new Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL. The stop was certainly worth while and we would encourage each of you to visit that museum.
The following week we attended my nephew JD’s high school graduation in Indianapolis. JD graduated from public school and was third in his class of about 170 students. JD received several scholarships and plans to get a ministry degree from Crossroad Bible College where his dad teaches and a teaching credential from IUPUI.
We also visited the Heavilin reunion in Edwardsburg, MI. Each year we find more cousins and we always have lots of fun.
I had the privilege of meeting my cousin Kathryn who lives close to Edwardsburg. I may have met her earlier when she was just a mere child. Kathryn is about 14 years younger than I am.
On June 3, Glen and I attended my 50th high school reunion. I was amazed at how many old people were there! One classmate said “I feel like I’m at a masquerade party, and now everyone can take off their masks so that I can see who they really are!” Thank goodness our nametags included our senior pictures so that we could recognize who was there. I received a prize for coming the farthest. The next day some of the old gang gathered for lunch and chatted until almost dinner time!
We have spent a week in Michigan and now we will begin to head toward Whiting, NJ to America’s Keswick where we will stay until after Labor Day.
We praise God each day for the chance we have to live this “nomadic” life. As we travel, we are constantly in awe of God’s beautiful creation that is here for us to enjoy.
We are blessed and we are grateful.
In His love,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

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