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Itís March, and we are still in our favorite place in the world, Morro Bay, California. We will be leaving here on the 17th and heading toward Redlands for a few weeks.
We took a drive again yesterday to a little village on Highway One, Ragged Point.(See attached photo.)
In February, we acknowledged the death date of our son Nathan by sending off balloons in memory of our three boys. (See attached photo.) Nathan has now been gone twenty-two years. Some would wonder why we acknowledge that date after so many years, but you see that date represents a time when our lives changed forever. It is our prayer that we have followed Godís plan in letting our lives and our mission be molded by the Lord and by what He has allowed to penetrate our lives. I think the saddest thing would be if we walked through the deaths of our three boys and didnít allow these traumas to change us and change our direction in life.
We are enjoying the little church we have been led to. (See attached photo.) We are enjoying getting to know the pastor and his wife and have made other friends as well. The neat part about traveling as we do is that we have found Christian fellowship all around the country.
This is our second year of full-timing. We feel like pros now. The advantages of full-timing are that we have no concerns about a house, no house payments, no utility payments, no insurance, no house owner worries.
When we first started living full time in an RV, I really felt a void in Christian fellowship and sharing. Besides a reduction in responsibilities, we have had an opportunity to make friends all over the country. Many of those friends have become great prayer partners as well. The Internet has definitely become my friend. The Internet has allowed me to make contact with relatives I hardly knew before and I can also share needs and keep in touch with dear old and new Christian friends.
Besides all of these pluses, Glen and I have become even better friends than we were previously, and we get to do the things we both enjoy. We recently took an evening tour at Hearst Castle. We love the evening tours because everything is set in the twenties and thirties and there are people dressed in period clothing. (See attached photo.)
We look forward to being in Redlands for a few weeks. It is always nice to be back to familiar territory.
In His love,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December




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