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We left Redlands on April 20. On the 19th I had the privilege of speaking to the Redlands Chapter of The Compassionate Friends. This is the chapter I founded in 1998. For me the saddest part is there are always newly bereaved parents every month. I have always said, the best meeting would be if no one came because no one needed to be there.
As we left on Wednesday morning, our friend Shirley Linden came by to wish us well and to see us off. We certainly got to see many of our friends, and we also visited many new and many favorite restaurants! Somehow we managed to leave there without gaining weight.
Our first night we stopped at Lone Pine, CA. Death Valley is right next door and we had a beautiful view of Mt Whitney.(See attached picture)
The next night we arrived in Reno, NV. We so enjoyed our visit with Bob, Carol, and Alyssa Boisson. (See attached picture)
Bob treated us to a sneak preview of the Maxfield Parrish art exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art. We were able to view the pieces while the staff were arranging them in the exhibit hall.  We also got a personal tour of the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper where Bob is Marketing Director. Alyssa will graduate from high school in June, and I had the fun of joining Carol and Alyssa in prom dress shopping. Wow!
As we were nearing the California border we stopped to snap a shot of Mt. Shasta. (See attached picture)
We visited our friends Roy and Meredith Harris in Grants Pass, Oregon. We met them on the Alaska Cruise last fall. Roy and Meredith have a beautiful home overlooking the Rogue River. (See attached picture)
For me, the highlight of the trip was the chance to visit Harvest House Publishers in Eugene, Oregon. Everyone was so hospitable. I felt like a celebrity! After lunch, Barb, Betty, and Mary  sent me home with enough reading material for the next several months.  (See attached picture) Please pray as we all consider the possibility of more writing for me. Everyone was thrilled to see how Roses In December just keeps chugging along It has been in print for 18 years now. Harvest House has a beautiful new building and they continue to honor the Lord in the publishing industry. I am very pleased to be able to say Harvest House is my publisher.
We went on to Portland, Oregon and visited with my cousin Paulyne and her son Jim Willett and his wife Geordina. (See attached picture) Polly’s husband Clinton Willett was my father’s cousin, even though I called him Uncle Clint, but I have always felt very close to that family. I had the privilege of speaking to Jim’s Sunday School class. I think that went very well.
After Portland we headed toward Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We had both visited a very nice restaurant called Beverly’s. We were there when I spoke for the Moody Bible Institute Women’s Conferences in Spokane. We decided to splurge and visit Beverly’s again. We were seated at a choice spot to watch all of the activity on the lake. (See attached picture)
We are now in Montana. By the time we arrive in New Jersey, we will have only two blank spots on our US map which means we will have visited 46 of the 48 continental states in one of our motor homes in the past four years. On this trip we have added Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana so far. We will soon add Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Minnesota
It is our plan to arrive in Kansas the week of the fourteenth of May so that we will be there in time to attend our granddaughter Kate’s high school graduation. We plan to attend my nephew JD’s high school graduation in Indianapolis, then we will slowly continue our trek toward New Jersey.
Please keep us in your prayers for health and safety. (See attached picture)
In His love,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

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