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Read what people are saying about Marilyn Heavilin:

"Like many funeral directors, I entered the profession full of youthful ideals, wanting to do something to help. Over the years, dealing with so many situations that seem hopeless, those ideals can get a little dimmed. Every time I talk to Marilyn, I learn a little more about how we in the profession can live our highest ideals, even in the most difficult situation. Marilyn has rejuvenated me, given me back my dream of service."

--Manager, Memorial Park, Southern California.


"Marilyn does something amazing with a group, something almost impossible to express with words. She talks for a few minutes about her experiences, withholding nothing, coming straight from the heart, but coming clean-- without anger or resentment or bitterness. Just pure emotion. Then, she goes out into the group and talks one-on-one with everybody there, hearing them, heartening them, showing them there really is hope. People blossom under her touch. It's like she moves in an aura of hope."

--Ernie Marsteller, Funeral Director, Toledo, OH.

"Marilyn has the ability, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to reach into the deepest need of the broken heart and bring healing and peace." 

--Conferee, Bowling Green, KY

"Marilyn's praying style is a great example to those of us who get stuck on using fancy words. She talks to God without her prayer sounding 'high and mighty' or above the average person. Her style shows a genuine love for God and a 'Father/child' relationship of pure closeness."

--Conferee, Chambersburg, PA

 "Marilyn's gifts of story weaving, sharing personal pain and confidence are eloquently combined with her deep faith and trust in God. Her seminars on prayer will take you deeper into a relationship with God. Marilyn's ability to speak the truth, stay in the word of God, and paint verbal pictures will challenge every participant to explore a more intimate prayer life."

--Cindy Shoemaker, Chambersburg, PA


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