June 2012

Graduate, Caleb

We arrived at Matt’s in Olathe, KS on May 1 and pulled out on May 22.  We attended our youngest grandson’s high school graduation on May 18.

Caleb finished his home school program and graduated with about 75 other home schoolers. Caleb will attend Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO this fall. We were blessed to attend an Open House honoring Caleb on May 20.

Actually we think the one who should be honored is our daughter-in-law Deb, for seeing three of our grandchildren through thirteen years each of schooling as their teacher. Thanks Deb for your faithfulness and for a job well done!

Caleb and Mom, Deb

While we were in Kansas City, we enjoyed attending a presentation of Jersey Boys. The music was wonderful, the plot extremely interesting, the language…not so much.

We also enjoyed getting to attend the College Church of the Nazarene several times and also visiting with our dear friends Dennis and Buelah Apple. Marilyn also had the opportunity to speak for The Compassionate Friends in Olathe and have lunch with her friend Laurinda and we were able to catch up with the California Baptist choir and greet our friends, Sarah Horn and Michael Kline.

Cousins Brenda and Sharon and Marilyn

We are now spending the weekend with Marilyn’s cousin Sharon’s family. We are almost camping and Friday night we actually sat around a campfire and ate S’mores. We often say “We aren’t campers” but we do love family and we love being with them even more.

Cousin Paige and Cooper, the dog.












We continue to ask for prayer for Marilyn’s sister-in-law Karen.  Here is an excerpt from Marilyn’s brother’s most recent newsletter.

Since we wrote in April, Karen has been struggling with her health and not feeling good.

Today, we saw the doctor.  The CAT scan she had last week showed several problems.  The mass in her left pelvic area is a little larger and the increased size of the mass is causing some colon problems.  The stint on her left side has moved.  There is some fluid around the right side of her lungs because some of the lymph nodes in her chest are enlarged.  Her CA125 is now 5781.  Some of the high numbers may be due to the problem with her stint.

Right now, Karen is being screened to participate in a clinical trial using Avastin and another drug or placebo which has a good track record of containing if not reducing the spread of the cancer.  We are waiting for a consult with the urologist and the doctor who will put in a port if Karen is eligible for the clinical study.  Please pray for Karen’s healing and that the Doctor can help her feel better so she feels good enough to get some things done including getting ready for J.D.’s marriage July 28th.

Obviously, Karen needs us to storm heaven on her behalf.

We appreciate all of you.

In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Happy Memorial Day!

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