April 2011

Tsunami evacuees in Morro Bay

The morning of March 11, we were awakened at 6:00am by the park manager pounding on the door and saying, “The police have asked that everyone evacuate the park because of the potential tsunami.” For a few minutes, we stumbled around the RV trying to decide what we should do…pack up the RV and move out completely or gather up the irreplaceable and the required items, leave the RV and drive away in our car. We finally decided to leave the RV. So we gathered up the necessary items such as some clothes, our medication, our laptop computers and the irreplaceable items that we had in the motor home. We then drove to the designated parking lot and joined the other evacuees as we waited to see what would happen.  Well, if you watched the news at all, you know that basically nothing happened.
We drove to Cambria to keep an appointment with the Chiropractor for Marilyn, and then went to lunch in Morro Bay. There was some major damage North and South of us, but fortunately there was no visible damage to Morro Bay. So we can now add Tsunami to our list of required evacuations along with fire and tornado.

Our friend Amanda, protraying the character of Ruth

On March 14, we left Morro Bay and arrived in Redlands on March 15. We have enjoyed visiting LifeHouse Theater to see the production of Ruth.

We were honored to attend a remembrance memorial for Rachel, a daughter of our dear friend Tammy.

We have, of course, spent lots of time eating out and eating in. We definitely enjoy eating and entertaining, and we have done lots of both.

JR Briggs and Marilyn

Two of our young friends, Brian and JR Briggs, sons of Lauren and Randy Briggs, are managing and in the process of purchasing an existing restaurant, Joe Greensleeves, in Redlands. So we felt we need to ‘help’ them by trying out their menu.

We and our friend JR have become better acquainted this Spring. JR is also known as Jimmy the Robot in the music group The Aquabats.

A very simple sign

This week, we had the privilege of touring Garner Holt Productions right here in the San Bernardino area. GHP is responsible for building nearly four-hundred Chuck E. Cheese animatronic shows for restaurants all over the planet.  So the next time you see Chuck E. Cheese, you can say, “I’ll bet I know where he was built!” They were the first outside company to create an animatronic character for a classic Disney attraction.
We also found one of our tour guides was a member of our church, and he treated us like royalty and made us feel very special.

We plan to start our trek East on April 25, the day after Easter.  April 7-11
we will be visiting San Diego for our vacation time. Our package includes a trip to the zoo, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park. We also plan to visit Shadow Mountain Church where David Jeremiah is the pastor.

We were anxious to see the changes of the updating of Mission School. We were able to watch the original bell be reinstalled and a new cupola added.

The raising of the bell

The new cupola at Mission School


Thanks for your prayers for our health and safety.

Much love in Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Another beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean


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