November, 2016

DeetraFordMarilyn talked with her Neurologist at her regular appointment and the doctor told her that from her professional guesstimation she would gather that Marilyn has about two years to live. That is fine with Marilyn. She figures she will have passed 80 and she will make it to her 60th anniversary. The doctors said that she feels her guesstimation will stand unless Marilyn has a heart attack or a stroke during that time. So that is our goal now. . .to take any chance that we have to side step a heart attack or a stroke. We are blessed to have doctors who take a personal interest in our health.


We’ve had a very busy month. Our friends from Memphis came to visit us on October 6. They still haven’t decided where they will live on when they move here. Of course we are hoping that they choose our apartment complex. It would be wonderful to have them close by.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALowell and Shirley Linden, from Redlands, visited on October 21 through the 24th. The Clarks, also from Redlands, came the following weekend. We found a new place to visit when the Clarks were here, the Museum of Toys and Miniatures. Ken really enjoyed it and I think Harriett did too. Of course Marilyn had to buy a small train while she was in the gift shop. The train set will be displayed at Christmas.

We have claimed residency in Kansas now, so we were able to vote early, since Kansas has a provision for early voters. This is not an absentee ballot, but we actually went to a voting place and were able to cast our ballots a couple of weeks early. I trust all of you will vote as well. Please do not be discouraged by the current situation. God will know if you voted or not, even if it seems that your vote may be canceled out by others who are opposing your vote. I feel that we must take every opportunity to voice our opinion as Christians even if it does seem that our vote may be canceled out.

Our church is hosting Kirk Cameron in November and also the Collingsworth family will be here on November 6th. We are looking forward to hearing them. Our pastor is preaching a series on Neighboring which causes us to ask the question, “just who are our neighbors?” I have decided that all who come in contact with us are our neighbors. I am currently reading and listening to David Jeremiah and James MacDonald. I am certain they would say that everyone we come in contact with is our neighbor. That places quite a responsibility on me. Do they know I am a Christian? Do they know that I believe in a Heaven and Hell? Do they think I am willing that they go to Hell? No I am not! But do they know that? I must ask all of you, my readers, does it make a difference when people meet you? This is really something to think about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary on October 25, the assistant manager surprised us by telling us that she had planned and wanted to pay for the dessert for the entire table. There were eight of us at the table! Obviously she is my neighbor and we had made an impression on her.

KristinHumphreysWe also received a congratulatory anniversary card from our primary care doctor who wanted to tell us what an honor it was to serve such a nice couple and to know a couple who had been married this long and who enjoyed it. Apparently she is my neighbor as well and we had made an impression on her. Praise God!


Thank you for praying for us.

LY, Glen and Marilyn Heavilin




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