March, 2017

Dear Ones,

Marilyn has made it successfully through cataract surgery of both eyes. She is now receiving two kinds of eye drops, two times each day. Just three more weeks and she can have her eyeglass prescription updated so that she can wear her glasses again. She is looking forward to that time.

Barbara Wolock


God has blessed us with wonderful doctors who truly care about us. When the eye doctor realized $950 was more than we could afford to pay for a corrective lens to take care of the astigmatism in her left eye, the doctor offered to write off her fee for that surgery if we could pay the hospital fee of about $345. We knew that we could pay that amount and so we were able to strike an agreement with her.

lindsey-heidrickGod also blessed us with a caring speech therapy doctor who conducted Marilyn’s barium swallow test. Marilyn was very concerned because she did not have a very caring doctor for a barium swallow test that she had many years ago. Marilyn had been concerned that she would not be able to swallow the various forms of barium. The doctor had heard of Marilyn’s concern and she took the time to taste all of the food ahead of time so that she could tell Marilyn all about it. Marilyn was able to complete the test and swallow all of the food. When Marilyn was recommended for swallowing therapy, she was again blessed with the same doctor for the therapy sessions!



We were able to go to the Remodel and Garden show in Kansas City where we got to hear Frank Fritz of the American Pickers television program. Frank was very entertaining and very nice to us.


We also started attending a Life group from our church. We truly enjoy it. Glen already knew one man in the group. (That’s pretty good from a church of about 2500.)

Please pray for everyone here. Nate has walking pneumonia and Matt was really under the weather tonight. Deb’s mom had a TIA this week. Please keep all of us in prayer. Also pray for Marilyn’s brother who is in Africa for the next several weeks.

Marilyn has done very well this past month and she has had no falls for the past several weeks. We appreciate your prayers on her behalf.

Marilyn has also started to take American Sign Language lessons from a man in our Sunday school class. He is willing to drive here every week and give Marilyn lessons. He is a little younger than Marilyn, a retired doctor, and he has Parkinson’s. He has been doing ASL for quite some time and he is the music interpreter for ASL at our church. Marilyn feels that she should keep busy and keep learning all that she can for God’s glory.

Much love to you all,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin


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