May, 2017

First off, let me assure you that you haven’t missed any posts to the Herald. This one will be for both April and May. By the time we remembered that the Herald was due it was already half way through April, so we took the easy way out and decided to just wait ‘til May.

Did I tell you that I am taking ASL lessons?  I truly can’t remember if I told you. I know the alphabet in sign language now and I am able to sign some simple sentences. The retired Dr. who is teaching me said I am doing very well. I also am enjoying getting to know Dr. Ogden. He is a very talented man. I love to watch him sign the music at church. He has someone else do the signing for the message.

Marilyn and I were very surprised to hear at our LIFE group on Wednesday evening that our pastor had spoken of Marilyn and her book, Roses In December, in his sermon  on Sunday. We were at the first service and didn’t hear a thing. Our LIFE group leader listened to the second service, and he heard it. We asked the pastor what happened and he readily admitted that he had missed that point in his notes in the first service so decided to make sure that he inserted it in the second message, which he did.

Ann n Marilyn n Glen


We were thrilled to find out that a long-time friend was going to sing for our church at a special concert. We were excited to see Ann Downing from Nashville, Tennessee. Marilyn used to travel with her with Florence Littauer and CLASS which Marilyn used to help teach.



Marilyn’s brother just returned from Africa where he spent one month serving the ministers and missionaries there. Walt first served in Africa years ago. In recent years he has continued to visit to counsel and teach.

Our Easter week ended beautifully. We went to Matt’s house for the Easter evening meal. All the kids came and we had a good time.

Easter 2017 at Matts


We started May with a visit from Lauren Littauer Briggs. We had a wonderful time showing her some of the local attractions.

Glen Marilyn Lauren

We visited the Hallmark Visitor Center and next day The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. We took Lauren to a production of “Smoke on the Mountain.” It’s a family musical with lots of old hymns and songs. Marilyn is so happy to see someone from Redlands again. We both miss California, but we know that God wants us here for right now.

Much love,


Glen and Marilyn Heavilin




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