OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve had a busy month. We started out in the month of August. Marilyn’s brother, Walt, visited. Since he has Narcolepsy, he came by way of the Greyhound Bus. We managed to host a birthday party for him although his official day is September 6. We gave him a pair of pants and a plaid shirt for which he was very grateful.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe big event of August this year was the total solar eclipse. It was special in these parts because we were right near the path of totality. On the 21st we loaded into the car and drove up to Liberty, MO. There we were able to watch the eclipse with our home made viewer box and then experienced about two minutes of totality.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had planned to join one of the local TV weather men, but instead ended up in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. We avoided the crowd and then had a meal in the restaurant. It was a good combination.



Our church continues to bring us good music and we enjoyed the Liberty Quartet on the evening of August 27. It was fun to join a room full of old people and listen to some good old southern gospel harmony.


Sisters GroupThen, on August 31, our church hosted an event for Women of Faith. I enjoyed the presentation of Sisters presented by Marilyn’s dear friends Patsy Clairmont, Jan Silvious, and Anita Renfro



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was surprised at the end when the powers that be chose me to receive the painting that all three girls had worked on during the evening. Patsy made the announcement that Marilyn had been selected at random, and then came down almost immediately to say, “I had nothing to do with it.” Marilyn’s answer to her was “No, but God did. He knew that I needed something special tonight.” We quickly bought a frame for the picture and it now hangs on our living room wall.

LY Glen and Marilyn





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