MAY 2018

Dear ones,

It has been kind of a topsy-turvy time since the last Heavilin Herald. Each time we think things have settled into some kind of normal, we are surprised again.

How many of you can say, “We had snow for Easter?” We can. It was 1 April, and we nearly froze outside because of the wind. The temperature was in the thirties! We had a wonderful Easter Sunday at our church. I pray that each of you did too.

We had cold weather for most of April and finally May arrived with some warmer weather. We are very grateful for the warmer weather. It does seem a little late though. We are enjoying it.

We did try celebrating Caleb’s birthday outside at a park, because Matt and Deb were having an open house on the last weekend of April. However, it seemed very cold because of the wind. It always blows in Olathe.

Since Nate and Martha are buying a house in Gardiner, Kansas, Matt and Deb decided to sell their big house. They plan to move back into their older home where the kids were living.

In April, at the end of the month, we were privileged to watch and listen to Yo Yo Ma play the cello magnificently. We really enjoy attending the Kansas City Symphony so far, I am able to attend most of the events that I wish to attend.

We were rattled somewhat by a call Saturday, May the 5th, just before we were planning to sit down to supper. We received a call that Matt had been taken to the hospital by ambulance because of some heart problems. We arrived at the hospital in Olathe immediately to find a very flushed face Matt. I could tell he was in trouble immediately. After about two hours, they released him to go home with the promise that he would contact his doctor on Monday. His own doctor saw him on Monday morning and was very upset that they did that did not keep him at least until Sunday morning. After four prescriptions Matt is feeling much better, but he is stayed home and missed work for a week. Matt will be 59 in July and he knows that he must consider himself first from now on.

It has been about two months since I had a fall. I am feeling fairly well. My neurologist did say that I will live several more years. Praise God for that statement. We were surprised when I faced emergency surgery last Wednesday for a blood clot in my elbow which turned into quite an emergency. After a quick call to our Cardiologist we took off for the ER. They quickly identified the location of the clot and whisk me off for vascular surgery. I spent six days in the hospital for a slow recovery which included Mother’s Day.

To celebrate, Matt and his family brought in Vernors ginger ale. That was very nice. We had 12 visitors that day plus family. We were kept very busy. Then the doctors came in and said that I could go home on Monday. I have had quite a bit of pain, and swelling since then but I am so much happier at home.

We appreciate your prayer for Matt, and we know that our God is able to answer our prayers. We also would appreciate your prayer for Marilyn. That God will give her several more years yet.

LY, Marilyn and Glen Heavilin
4001 105th St, apt 433
Overland Park, Kansas 66207

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