September, 2018

Yes, we haven’t written since May.

It has been a busy time. Most of our calendar is filled with appointments with our doctors. You may recall that Marilyn had emergency surgery for a blood clot in the artery of her left arm. The recovery from that has been long and tedious. Finally, her arm almost appears normal.

Our Neurologist sent us downtown to the Theo and Alf Landon Center for the Aging. Just that name tells a story. Marilyn had an appointment with the Director of Neurology there. Our Neurologist just calls him the grandaddy Neurologist. He spent quite a bit of time with Marilyn. Then Marilyn was seen by several others with varied interest in her condition. We have seen a Neurologist for pain who arranged physical therapy for strength and balance. She also signed off on an electrical mobility chair. We were also seen by two resource specialists who set up a new walker for Marilyn. The unusual feature of the new walker is that the user must squeeze the two handles before the brakes of the walker will release.

We took delivery of the electrical mobility chair, but it was just too big and too difficult to operate, so we returned it after a trial period.

We now have the new walker and Marilyn is learning to use it. I think it is more stable than out old walker, so we are keeping it.

We were also referred to an ophthalmologist who specializes in the brain. He showed us Marilyn’s most recent MRI and pointed out several problems Marilyn has with her eyes which come from her brain atrophy. One eye problem he saw was that Marilyn’s eyes don’t converge well. He proposes that her next lenses be made with a prism quality to help the wandering eye be able to focus in coordination with the other eye.

We have two more referrals yet to complete. The first is with a new cardiologist who has ordered a trans-esophageal-echo-cardiogram. This procedure will hopefully reveal how Marilyn’s heart is functioning and provide clues for helping her heart stay free of blood clots. The second referral is to a Psychologist who will provide support for depression. The echo-cardiogram is scheduled for September 10. Our new Cardiologist sees us the next day. We have a follow-up with the new Neurologist on October 24 and see the Psychologist the next day which will be October 25.

Speaking of October 25th, and we are, That date will be our sixtieth wedding anniversary,  We plan to get together with family then, followed by a big shindig on Saturday the 27th. The Lord has blessed us with these married years and we want to share his blessings with our friends.

Marilyn has had a slow day today. She went to physical therapy but could not complete the exercises for the day. She started this morning feeling tired and just never got ahead of that feeling. I put her to bed early in the evening and pray that a good rest will help her gain some energy.

The two of us still look well even when we’re really not.



Here’s a picture of us arriving at church on a Sunday morning ready for the worship service and then Sunday school.






Here we are at one of our favorite restaurants, Stroud’s Pan Fried Chicken. The two girls found out about Marilyn and we gave them each a book. It is a privilege to share blessings with friends.




Please continue to pray for us. Especially remember Marilyn’s health.

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