June, 2019

Dear ones,

It is with somewhat of a surprise that we are doing fairly well. Marilyn has fallen three times since we wrote to you. She has been in the hospital twice since that time. Through it all she has maintained the weight loss of the fluid we left in the hospital in January.

In the middle of the night Marilyn thought she could take her cane and walk from the bed to the bathroom. She couldn’t, and took a fall. We didn’t see any obvious damage. But just to be sure we made an all day visit to the ER and they did every test possible and sent us home. A few days later, out of the blue, Marilyn had a fall and hit her right knee on our coffee table. Our first impression was that it was no big deal. The knee did show a lot of swelling. However the swelling was followed by big blisters. The next day, as we were eating lunch Glen noticed that the knee blisters were seeping fluid, so away to the hospital we went again. That night the ER doctor double checked the previous ER test and decided to admit Marilyn. After five days we were back home again.

This time we were scheduled to visit a wound clinic. They focused on getting the skin of the knee to heal. After four weeks and three visits they said we should be able to see the knee return to normal. It’s been a slow process but the pain and swelling are gone.

We have pictures of her knee, but they are not very appetizing so we will not show them here.

Now for something completely different.

Easter time was a beautiful time at our church. The series of messages led us to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. We shared the journey to Jerusalem, Palm Sunday, and a Maundy Thursday service which helped us to humbly serve our friends and family. You can see us here about to enter the sanctuary.


We are also happy to enjoy our Kansas City Symphony concerts. We have seen the regular concerts and also been invited to several other special events. We got to watch the dress rehearsal for Handel’s Messiah and we got to see a special evening that honored symphony musicians for their longevity of service. That event also presented a young woman , a high school sophomore, who won first place at a local young artist competition. She was excellent.

Her presentation work with the orchestra was the first movement of Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto number 1. She was brilliant, masterful, and just plain good!

In addition to the symphony we have also enjoyed a concert by Ten Thing, a women’s brass ensemble from Norway. You can find their videos on You Tube. Then we spent an evening with Itzhak Perlman the violinist. He just told us about his life and introduced us to his wife. She was a joy to hear. They told about traveling full time all over the world with their young children before finally settling on a home so the children could have a more normal school life. Interspersed along the way were violin pieces which illustrated his story.

This evening (May 28) as we are writing this Herald we are keeping our ears tuned to hear the news of this evening’s tornado events. The major Kansas tornado passed about 15 miles away from us. Our friends Wally and Vicki now are in Lawrence, KS and think they were about a mile from the tornado path. We are now seeing the pictures of the aftermath. With the present level of technology we got detailed prediction of the path with the warnings to take shelter. Our weather radio has activated at least ten times in the last three hours. Now that the wind events have passed, we get warnings for flooding. From our building we can see Indian Creek and have seen it rise as much as ten feet after a big storm. The weather here in Kansas is always part of the story.

We thank you for your prayers on our behalf,

Glen and Marilyn


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