October, 2020

Thanks for reading this latest Heavilin Herald. As we looked back we see it is the first one since December 2019. Believe it or not we still look about the same as we did back then.


This is us from September, 2019. You’ll need to take our word that we still look the same.
This picture was taken as we arrived at church for our regular Sunday service. Of course after Covid-19 appeared we didn’t make many trips down that hallway.
Rather than write a detailed list of events from the time that has passed, we will just try to bring you up to date with where we are now.



Marilyn’s voice continues to weaken. She has been in a Parkinson’s voice exercise class for several years. The class is now conducted via Zoom. Even Marilyn’s doctor’s appointments have been conducted on Zoom. She wants to thank everyone who has sent cards. With the quarantine it is good to make some kind of contact with friends.
Glen has now had both eyes treated for cataracts. The Doctor did a good job and he had no trouble. Soon he will get new glasses. Already his distance vision is better without glasses than with the old glasses.


Our great grand-daughter Naomi Joy Heavilin is an active almost two year old. We are all enjoying her.









Out in California our family is moving to new houses. Mike and Mellyn just purchased a place to down size while Christian and Madison have purchased their first house.

Mike and Mellyn                                                                Christian and Madison








Like many of you our life at church has been changed. For months there was no gathering in the sanctuary or Sunday school classrooms. Our worship services were broadcast via the internet. The first week the service was recorded outside the building on a Thursday and then made available for playing from the church web page. Finally there are services now in the sanctuary. The congregation wear masks and must practice social distancing. Our Sunday school class has met via Zoom since the beginning of the gathering restriction. Now we have a live Sunday school with masks and distancing which is also shared on Zoom. Our small group has used Google Duo as the video conference tool so we have been able to keep in contact that way.
A year ago who would have thought that Zoom would become a common household word.


It’s October in Overland Park, Kansas. Just sixty two years ago in Flint, Michigan this young couple shared their wedding vows. We’re still together today and the Lord is with us as we face each day.


Blessings on you all,

Glen and Marilyn

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