fall colors in KC

I remember theFall

The colors and all

I thank you God

For your gift of the Fall

The Fall colors help Marilyn remember growing up in Michigan . No wonder we were married in the Fall. The Fall is Marilyn’s favorite season of the year.


Marilyn and Glen on their 55th wedding anniversary

Marilyn and Glen on their 55th wedding anniversary

We celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary on October 25 by taking our daughter-in-law Deb and our granddaughter Kate out to dinner. Matthew was attending a class in Dallas, and the band was recording a new CD in Colorado and then they were driving back to Kansas. Matt was the chauffeur for the Attic Wolves on their Western tour and then he flew to Dallas.  Marilyn took Glen to lunch and Glen treated Marilyn to dinner.


Roses from Glen to Marilyn

Roses from Glen to Marilyn

Glen gave Marilyn a large Keurig coffeemaker for their anniversary, and Marilyn gave Glen a nice computer table. Then Glen surprised Marilyn with a beautiful rose bouquet on the actual day of their anniversary. Marilyn’s 76 birthday is November 4 , and Glen gave her an electric frypan. We didn’t realize that electric frypans had almost become extinct until we started looking for one. Biscuit cutters are hard to find as well.

Last month Marilyn asked you to pray specifically for our new doctor that she would be someone who would be willing to dig to find a correct diagnosis for Marilyn’s situation. God still answers prayer! Dr. Humphreys insisted that Marilyn have complete blood work done, and that she have an MRI. She ordered a new sleep study and set up appointments with a neurologist and a cardiologist. On top of her being willing to dig, Dr. Humphreys is a bereaved parent of twins! We don’t have all the details yet, but Dr. Humphreys was very familiar with Compassionate Friends and also recognized the name of Marilyn’s book, Roses in December.

Marilyn had the appointment with a neurologist last Monday. Dr. Arkin is a bereaved sibling. His sister was killed by drunk driver while Dr. Arkin was in medical school  We both really liked him but were surprised by his conclusions. We were prepared for the diagnosis to be Parkinson’s, but  Dr. Arkin  didn’t agree with that diagnosis. He believes Marilyn may have had a small stroke three or four years ago that may have caused the damage she is dealing with now. She did not want the diagnosis to be Parkinson’s, but at least we would have a diagnosis. We’re finding this all to be very frustrating. Physical therapy starts Monday. Please pray with us that a diagnosis will happen. Also pray that the doctors won’t give up, but will continue to search for a specific answer. Marilyn is asking God to give specific direction to us, and to the doctors.


Aubrey Kaye Willett

Aubrey Kaye Willett

We do have some wonderful news. Aubrey Kaye Willett arrived on October 25. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 1 oz., and was 20 inches long. Baby and mom are home and doing fine.


Marilyn’s sister-in-law, Karen, is Aubrey’s grandma. Please continue to pray for Karen. We are praising God that Karen’s body responded to the chemo and her CA 125 is way down. We are grateful.

Marilyn is feeling more comfortable in the apartment each day. She doesn’t feel so much like a guest in her own home now.


Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman



The church we attend, College Church of the Nazarene, hosted a concert by Steven Curtis Chapman. We were able to attend, and truly enjoyed Steven. There were about 2500 in attendance.




We were able to host Marilyn’s cousin Judy and her daughter Becky for a day last Saturday. Becky is about to return to Togo, West Africa. We also enjoyed hosting Tom and Linda Burris for the evening meal last week. Tom was the pastor for several years at Community Bible Church in San Bernardino. We enjoy having him so close.

Please continue to remember us in prayer for good health and safety.

Love you,

Glen and Marilyn

Sunrise from our balcony in Overland Park, Kansas

Sunrise from our balcony in Overland Park, Kansas



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  1. JoAnne May says:

    Marilyn & Glen,
    So nice to hear you are getting settled. It must seem strange to be in an apartment that does not move after all the years traveling in your motor home. If you see Tom & Linda Burris again, please say hello from us. I’m sorry to tell you that Bob is not well & at this time unable to do his chaplain ministry. Pray for him when you think of us. I love the sunrise/sunset pictures you post.

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