December, 2019


If you’re asking, yes this is the first Herald since June. We are just busier and busier. Last time we wrote it was summer. Now it’s winter. We thought it might be winter already back on October 28 when we got 4 inches of snow. Then it settled into a pleasant fall. Just this month, on December 15, we got even more snow. It began about 7am and it continued to snow steadily all day and into the evening. Almost everything was shut down. Our church Christmas Concert was cancelled. We never left our apartment all day.

On the days when we do get out it is often for some medical appointment. In addition to our primary care physician we see the Cardiologist, the Neurologist, the Ophthalmologist, the Urologist, the Physical Therapist, and the manicurist. We’re thankful that Marilyn has not had any serious falls or any more hospital stays. She is just finishing an exercise program designed for Parkinson’s patients called LSVT Big. Marilyn’s present diagnosis is Progressive Supranuclear Palsey. The doctors have tried several Parkinson’s medications and treatments.  When they work then we keep them.


We’re both older now. Glen’s birthday was in September, Marilyn’s birthday was in November, and we celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary in October. In addition to Sunday Church and Sunday School we also get out to our small group weekly get togethers. We are so thankful for our small group because they give us so much support and prayer.





We also have season tickets for the classical series of the Kansas City Symphony. In addition to the classical standards the Symphony also commissions new pieces by new composers. Recently we got to hear “The Golden Spike” commissioned to commemorate the 150th anniversary year of the completion of the trans-continental railway. The composer, Daniel Kellogg, remarked that he was excited to write for Mahler’s Hammer, a percussion instrument we had never heard. Here is a picture of a percussionist at the ready with the hammer. As you can imagine, when the hammer strikes it makes a real impression. Glen is talking to everyone about the hammer.



In early November, Marilyn received a letter from a lady in Canton, Ohio, Jill Taylor. She lost a young grandson in a tragic boating incident. One of her friends gave her a copy of Marilyn’s book, “Roses in December.” She wanted to tell Marilyn how the book ministered to her. Jill has maintained contact with Marilyn ever since that first letter. Jill has a ministry called Choose Life Radio. This past week Jill did a phone interview with Marilyn. When she puts it all together she will feature it as a podcast on the Choose Life Radio web site.



Sometimes Marilyn wonders if her ministry has ended and perhaps God is somehow finished with her. This contact with Jill has helped Marilyn realize that even old age and chronic illness don’t limit being used by the Lord.

At our Thanksgiving meal at Matt’s house, Matt shared a precious story from his work. Part of his job includes working with people from other cultures and countries. One man he works with suffered the tragic death, by suicide, of his daughter. The man also has a younger son. Knowing that Matt is a bereaved sibling, the man has been meeting with Matt, looking for help with grief. Sometimes we think of crossing the ocean to find a mission field. In this situation, a mission field has come across the ocean to find Matt. Would you pray along with us that the Lord will work through Matt to show this man the Gospel?

Always a hit at family gatherings is our great granddaughter. Naomi Joy Heavilin. Here she is with our daughter in law, Deb. On December 28 she will be one year old. She is a jewel and sharp as a tack. We are blessed to have her so near.


That’s the news from here.

Glen and Marilyn

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