Dear friends,

Well we thought our last issue was full of surprises. Sometimes each new day brings something new.


The new year brought snow. January 12 arrived with an eight inch blanket. Schools and businesses were closed and we just stayed inside.


We got the report on Marilyn’s xrays. They showed that Marilyn’s lungs were not filling completely. Our Primary Care Physician advised to do deep breathing exercises, but if Marilyn’s breathing got worse to take her to the ER.

We practiced breathing and things seemed to be on an even keel. Then on January 24 we saw a sudden increase in problems, so off to the ER we went. Very quickly they discovered she had retained fluid. They began diuretics and admitted her to the hospital. She was in the hospital six days and five nights. She got back home to our apartment on January 30. So far she has lost about 25 pounds of fluid. She feels much better and her breathing is much improved.





We had our first visit from Naomi Joy on February 4th. She is a beautiful baby. You can see how proud Nate and Martha are.






Of course, Marilyn is a proud great-grandmother.




Every day we thank our Savior Jesus Christ for his blessings. It is our privilege to spend each day with Him.

We are so grateful for your prayers,

Glen and Marilyn

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