As I type this, it is literally pouring down rain. I think it has not rained for at least three days. And the residents worry because it has gone so long without rain Marilyn has tried to explain to the people around here that California has a rainy season. It Is called January!

Big Stage in Columbia, MO

Big Stage in Columbia, MO

We have had a grand month with visitors from Bloomington, Indiana and a wonderful visit to Colombia, Missouri so that we could see the Attic Wolves receive the acclaim for being awarded as the John Lennon Song Writers Contest winners. They had the privilege of being introduced by Ben Jaffe a member of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. We were treated as though we were the only people they had to care for! The Attic Wolves played just before the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The Attic Wolves were allowed to present on the main stage, and we were so proud of them.

Jack and Carol Peterman visited us from Bloomington, Indiana. We had a great time with them and it was good to see old friends.  Matt hosted us at the Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate Glen’s 76th birthday. He received greetings from all across the country. Marilyn took him out for brunch and dinner to some of his favorite eating places. This month, we will celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary on October 25. We’re looking forward to that event as well.

Our sister-in-law, Karen, is once again responding well to the additional chemotherapy she is receiving. We are so thankful for God’s intervention on her behalf.

Marilyn is doing somewhat better although she is has had a lot of trouble with pain in her left ankle, and therefore she has had trouble walking. She has seen quite a bit of improvement by taking the Parkinson’s medicine. The tremor from her left leg is pretty much gone.. She will see the Neurologist doctor tomorrow.

Marilyn was able to get to know two new ladies at the get together she hosted the early part of September.

Thank you so much for your prayer for our health and safety. We do  appreciate your faithfulness on our behalf.

Love you,

Glen and Marilyn

Because the company has outgrown its space, our address has changed to:

3916 N. Potsdam Avenue,PMB #541, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Sunrise over Kansas City

Sunrise over Kansas City

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One Response to OCTOBER, 2014

  1. JoAnne May says:

    I always enjoy reading your Heavilin Herald. So glad to hear that your sister in law is responding to the treatment. Continue to pray for your health, Marilyn. It just gets a little harder as we grow older. Have to watch every step we take. I do not jump off our
    back porch anymore, and look carefully when I start down our front steps.
    Your picture of the sunrise is the most unusual one I have ever seen. I don’t believe I have ever seen a deep, totally red sunrise like that one. Keep sending your news.
    I am doing pretty well, except just missing Bob so much. I have spent hours getting our financial & legal affairs in order and taken care of. So want to be done. Blessings, JoAnne

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