December 2017

Keswick friends at Branson



We had a three-day trip to Branson, Missouri. We saw The Miracle of Christmas at Sight and Sound, we saw the Oak Ridge Boys and we saw Six. We also enjoyed seeing the leaders from Keswick along with 52 tourists. We saw them several times during our three day stay in Branson. Seeing them was a very special treat.



Marilyn did very well on the trip and so we thought we could try California. We are leaving for a car trip to California the day after Thanksgiving. We plan to return on December 15. Please pray for us that God will give us safety on the road and all we plan to do will be taken care of and blessed by God.

Matts ramp



We do plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with the grandchildren and Matt and Deb Matt is very excited to show me a ramp that he built for my wheelchair.  I’m sure it will be very nice. After all, Matt built it.




Remember you might see us in Redlands sometime between November 28th and December 3rd. We have tickets to Scrooge at Lifehouse for the December 2nd evening show. If you’d like to get together sometime during our visit just email us.

LY, Glen and Marilyn


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