July 2011

Marilyn at Keswick

WE ARE HERE! We arrived at Keswick on June 27 to a wonderful welcome with a sign, flowers and balloons. We even had people at the ready to welcome us. It is always so nice to receive such an enthusiastic welcome. Marilyn even has a scooter to help her limit her walking.
We just had a surprise visit from Carter and his mom. Do you remember Carter? We held him when he was a newborn. Carter will soon be three! Even his mom doesn’t get to hold him more than a few seconds at a time because he is so curious and wants to check everything out. His big brother Jordan just left for basic training. God has called Jordan to be a military chaplain. We miss him already, and I know his family does, too.

We spent today buying a patio rug and a screen room.  Marilyn also donated several bags of clothes to the Thrift Shop. She had held off cleaning out her closet until we were near the Thrift Shop.

Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame

We left Indianapolis on June 16. Glen spent some time touring the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. Glen has talked about the Milan high school that won the state championship back in 1954. Glen got to watch a movie of the famous basketball shot that won the game.  Basketball is definitely THE sport in Indiana.

Glen, Julia, Jesslyn Bitler, Marilyn Jeremy and Joel Bitler

We had the opportunity to visit our friends Jack Noel and Brian and Donna Bitler while we were in Lancaster. Lancaster is Amish country and the restaurants are known for excellent food, often served family style. Marilyn enjoys the fried chicken particularly. We also love to note the names of the towns and restaurants. We always visit the Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and the Good-n-Plenty Restaurant. This year we met Marilyn’s cousin Monica and her family at the Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant. We enjoy the Country Acres Campground which is near the town of Paradise. We always chuckle when we see the name of a store painted on a barn in front of the campground, Almost Paradise!

We were also able to attend the Sight and Sound Theatre for a performance of Joseph. It is always a thrill to attend that theatre where Christ is glorified and the audience is generally comprised of about 2000 people.

Marilyn in front of Sight and Sound Theatre

Please continue to pray for us that we will have a healthy and spiritually fruitful summer. Please pray as Marilyn plans to do some writing that God will quicken her mind and that her writing will be encouraging and helpful to the readers.

Much love in Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Hot-Air Balloon over Lancaster

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